Replicant 2.3 0005 images, fixing the USSD vulnerability

Earlier this week, we were noticed that an USSD vulnerability was discovered in Android. After doing a bit of research, we came to understand the nature of the vulnerability: intents can basically dial a number and start a call without asking confirmation to the user. That could seem harmless at first sight, but it turns out it also works with USSD codes, and some of them are very powerful. This is mostly the case of vendor-specific USSD codes (that are not included in Replicant), which could erase the phone’s user data.

What’s also problematic about this is that web pages can trigger such intents (through an iframe with the tel: prefix for instance).
Since this vulnerability was present in our Replicant images (although the damage was reduced as we don’t include vendor-specific USSD codes), we decided to include the fix in our code base and release new images. That’s nearly the only new feature of these images (Galaxy S also got a nasty graphic bug fixed).

You can download the images from the ReplicantImages page and find installation instructions as well as build guides on the Replicant wiki.

Replicant 2.3 0004 images release

Even though we didn’t update the homepage for a long time, we are still actively working!
Lately, a big part of the work was focused on adding support for the upcoming Goldelico GTA04. We strongly encourage the use of the GTA04 since it features nearly-zero known freedom issues (the only exception being that the WiFi chip needs a loaded firmware). Porting Replicant to the GTA04 helps making the device more usable for everyone, thanks to the Android user experience.

Not so much changes were added for other devices, though Samsung devices now have stable data (3G/GPRS, etc). We are also working to reach a state of completeness on these devices. On the other hand, we are also starting the port to Replicant 4.0, based on CyanogenMod 9, introducing newly-supported devices such as the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus.

Regarding the new Replicant 2.3 0004 images, you can download them from the ReplicantImages page, find installation instructions as well as build guides on the Replicant wiki.

Replicant on Nexus S preview

As we already mentioned it, we have started the work to support the Nexus S on Replicant. We are now releasing preview images, the first set for the Nexus S! You can now download the preview images: replicant-2.3 for crespo.

This images includes the ipc-modemctrl tool (from libsamsung-ipc) that implements minimal telephony support. Please test this tool and give us feedback:

Here is a list of what’s not ready yet in this preview image (but may be done in the future):

  • RIL: this is the crucial library used to handle telephony and data connectivity (3G). This is being worked on very hard and will be there in some time
  • GPS: we haven’t worked at all on the GPS side: it might be possible to have it working (needs work)
  • Compass: it’s the same as in Nexus One (which works) but the kernel driver is different (needs work)
  • Full Camera: Camera works but in Black & White preview mode and isn’t very stable

Here’s a list of what doesn’t work in Replicant and is probably not going to be achieved:

  • 3D acceleration
  • Whatever needs the non-free firmwares we don’t include (NFC, MFC, WiFi, Bluetooth…)

We are indeed not including any non-free firmware (100% free is our goal) and are not going to provide any free replacement for these as we are not skilled to write such replacement. Though, the kernel we use won’t prevent loading these firmwares if in place.

We also thought of porting u-boot to the Nexus S in order to have a free bootloader replacement but it’s apparently not possible as primary bootloader (perhaps possible chainloaded).

Anyway, we made a video of Replicant 2.3 running on the Nexus S:

And also made a gallery of Screenshots showing Replicant on the Nexus S:

Replicant 2.3 preview images for Nexus One released!

We are pleased to announce that Replicant 2.3 images are now available for the Nexus One!

This new Replicant version is based on the latest CyanogenMod stable release, 7.1.0, that is based on Android 2.3.7 and contains, as usual, only free software.

You can download these new images at

Nexus One status under Replicant 2.3 should be the same as Replicant 2.2: what was working with FroYo should still work in Gingerbread.

Even though Nexus One is supported in Replicant, it doesn’t mean it’s a device we can totally recommend for freedom:

  • It has a non-free bootloader
  • The devices requires non-free firmware for making phone call and working audio
  • The modem (that runs non-free software) controls the sound (including mic), the GPS and can read/write the main CPU memory (it also handle data connectivity and can send/receive data on its own)

New Replicant 2.2 preview images (0009) released

New Replicant 2.2 images are now ready and available to download. This new set of images (0009) is available for the following devices:

  • HTC Dream/Magic
  • Nexus One

This new release features the following:

  • Switched to the Android launcher on HTC Dream/Magic (should be faster)
  • We have a newer RIL that should fix some issues on HTC Dream/Magic/Nexus One
  • We added 2 wallpapers that Jan-Christoph Borchardt submitted (thanks a lot!)

Note that Replicant 2.3 images for Nexus One and Nexus S are on their way (you can already build Replicant 2.3 images if you want)!

We are still looking forward Hackers to help us bring some more freedom to the mobile word: there are many ways to contribute to the project!

Replicant 2.2 preview 008 is out!

We are pleased to announced Replicant 2.2 preview 008.

What’s new in this version (since 0007):

  • Bug #22 ( should (hopefully) be  fixed
  • Data is disabled by default
  • Non-market apps are allowed by default
  • *FDroid, the free software market app is installed by default
  • CMWallpapers, CMStats and CMUpdateNotify are not installed anymore
  • Replicant has its own wallpapers and a Wallpaper selection app
  • There are Replicant boot splashes for all devices (including Dream)
  • There is a changelog for Replicant on the system
  • Switched to replicant vendor (Mod version is now Replicant)


As usual we would like to thank everybody involved. We are looking for new maintainers and hackers to join us and bring innovation in the libre mobile world.

Help us testing this new preview release on your favourite device and come to say hi on our irc channel

Happy mobile hacking.

Replicant 2.2 preview 007

We are pleased to announced Replicant 2.2 preview 007.

What’s new in this version:

  • We are using a new ril (hycs-hardware_xdandroid-ril), which fixes telephony in the USA. Data should also work.
  • libhtc-acoustic has been fully replaced for HTC Dream, it fixes:
  • in-call volume adjustment
  • no mic wired headset support

As usual we would like to thank everybody involved. We are looking for new maintainers and hackers to join us and bring innovation in the libre mobile world.

Happy mobile hacking.

new Replicant test images available

Hello Replicants!

We have new Replicant test images.
We would like to know if phone calls work in the USA on the Nexus One and the HTC Dream. Help us testing!

Use the fastboot utility to install but remember: it will erase all the installed data and applications in order to prevent proprietary libraries from being used.

We are please to remind you that, as usual, Replicant is fully free software and doesn’t include  any proprietary firmwares.

The Nexus One mobile phone needs some audio database files (located at /system/etc/firmware/*.acdb) to make sound and phone calls work which are not included either.

We need your help also to write some documentation about how to install Replicant.