Presenting Replicant’s Community Manager

The Replicant Steering Committee has concluded the second round of evaluations of the applications for the community manager role.

We would like to thank all the candidates that have applied for the role. It has been a greatly encouraging experience to receive so many valuable proposals and to observe such a responsiveness to our call.

Selecting one candidate among all participants has been no easy task, given the interesting variety of valuable profiles we had the pleasure to evaluate.

The key aspects that have been considered are, in no particular order:

  • the candidate having been actively participating in the community’s activities and discussions, in the forum, the wiki, the mailing list and the official IRC channel, as well as in-person meetings
  • the candidate’s experience in installing Replicant and in solving problems related to this activity
  • the candidate’s overall confidence with the practical aspects of using Replicant and helping users with related issues, doubts and information requests
  • the candidate’s involvement with other free-software projects similar to Replicant and/or with interesting points of contact with the work being done in Replicant
  • the candidate’s ability to write useful and comprehensible periodical reports to keep the community informed about the project’s activities
  • the candidate’s ability to contribute to Replicant’s technical documentation
  • the differences with typical free software backgrounds (to be able to bring more diverse perspectives to the project)

All these aspects considered, Kurtis Hanna emerged as the most suitable candidate for the role.

Kurtis has been a very active community member since at least 2016, successfully helping users in various occasions with different issues and enquiries.
He is well informed about various free-software projects and has often acted as a link between some of those projects and Replicant.
He participated in and/or helped organise many of the gatherings that have been held by Replicant members throughout the last 4 years, either in person or remotely, contributing his thoughts, impressions and valuable proposals.

In the next few weeks, we will be coordinating with Kurtis and the FSF to work out the applicable funding conditions and to define the contract that will regulate the Community Manager’s duties.

Once again, we thank all applicants and the whole community in general.


The Replicant Steering Committee

Meeting Point at FOSDEM

The Replicant Community Meeting will take place on Sunday, the 3rd of February at 11:00 AM in room J.1.106 at ULB, Brussels Belgium.
We have successfully booked a BoF room at FOSDEM, so we will have a quiet, heated and comfortable place where we can all sit together.

Access is public and free as in beer.
We encourage everyone to participate and contribute their opinion.
This meeting will be essential to the future arrangement of Replicant as a structured Project.

Any schedule update or other info can be tracked on the event’s dedicated page on FOSDEM’s website.
Replicant’s blog will also be updated accordingly.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This announcement is about the community meeting. The time schedule for the workshop hasn’t been decided yet.
Interested people are encouraged to write to the mailing list to help organize it.
Also, the related poll is still open.

Replicant meeting at FOSDEM 2019

Call for participants

Like every year, FOSDEM will take place the first weekend of february in Brussels, Belgium.

Replicant is organizing a community meeting and a workshop that will take place alongside FOSDEM events.
The main intention behind this is to gather Replicant enthusiasts and contributors together in order to share ideas and discuss Replicant-related key topics.
This is a call for the community to participate and propose arguments to discuss.
A wiki page has been prepared, to collect proposals and schedules.
Proposals and questions can be presented to the mailing list.

Examples topics that have been proposed are:

  • What directions should the project take, what work to prioritize
  • How to fix f-droid to keep Replicant FSDG compliant

Together with the following workshop arguments:

  • How to setup the build environment
  • Hands on libsamsung-ipc and samsung-ril
  • Answer various questions about contributing to Replicant
  • Help contributors who are stuck with specific issues

Two free-software-powered polls have been published, to help us chose the best day and time:

We invite whoever might be interested, to indicate their preferred schedule for the events, in order to help us set up a sensible timetable.

The official meeting point and timetables will be published on this blog and on the mailing list.

Stay tuned!

The meeting report is available: