First online Replicant meeting.

Date and place

In the last blog post ( Replicant status and report of the 37C3 and FOSDEM 2024 conferences ) we mentioned that one of the things to do in the short term would be to:

Setup a Replicant meeting online at a fixed time, on IRC/Big blue button/Jitsi/Mumble. If new people come we would do a short introduction and people would present themselves (especially what they are interested in).

So this meeting will take place the 18 June 2024 at 19:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time).

You can run this command in a terminal to see at what time the meeting starts in your time zone:

date –date=’TZ=”Europe/Paris” 19:00 Jun 18′

It will take place on mumble on the self hosted Mumble server. If for some reasons there are technical issues a backup mumble server will be used instead.

Mumble servers require a client: Mumble on GNU/Linux or Plumble or Mumla on Android.

And at least on GNU/Linux it requires a bit of time (about 10 minutes) for the first setup as on the first run it guides users toward configuring things to improve the audio quality.

So if you could try to configure and test it first, it will means that we’d have less people to help with configuration at the time of the meeting.

We will be available a bit before 19:00 both on and on the #replicant IRC channels to help people having issues with their setups.


At the time of writing, the current plan for the meeting is to discuss the following:

  • Presentation of people (very short).
  • To have a summary of the current work with (short, ~10min):
    • the conversion from WordPress to a static website (GNUtoo)
    • other tiny infrastructure work (GNUtoo)
    • the work on building 100% free Android SDKs (Wizzard)
    • The status of NLnet work (GNUtoo, dllud)
    • The status of the steering committee (steering committee(GNUtoo,
      Putti, Fil Bergamo?) and dllud), and adding dllud to Steering
  • Discussions / work about the call for the (“community”) Manager.
  • How/when to setup the next meeting
  • Other discussions.


Some last minutes details like the topics or server address could change between now and the meeting, so make sure to re-check this blog post before the meeting.


The meeting is summary is published on the Replicant wiki:


edit1: Fix CEST Wikipedia link.

edit2: Add link to meeting summary.

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