Replicant at FOSDEM 2023

This year the FOSDEM will take place in Brussels the 4 and 5 February.

This year there will be a talk about Guix evaluation and usage for/by the Replicant project: How Replicant, a 100% free software Android distribution, uses (or doesn’t use) Guix, by the current Replicant maintainer.

As not everybody is familiar with Replicant or free software on smartphones, it will also have some background information on hardware and software of freedom in smartphones with a focus on FSF certified distributions.

We hope to also use this occasion to build collaboration with other projects, especially other Android distributions that use kernels based on upstream Linux.

We may update this blog post if there are last minute changes (if the talk is moved) or if we have new interesting information (like interesting talk to attend, other events, etc).

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