Replicant @ 36C3

Starting on December 27th, the 36th Chaos Communication Congress (36C3) is taking place in Leipzig. Replicant will be there as part of the Critical Decentralization Cluster.

Replicant’s assembly will feature demos of the current Replicant 6 as well as the upcoming Replicant 9. It is the place to come by if you need some help installing Replicant or general advice regarding software freedom on smartphones and tablets. You can also take the opportunity to verify the release signing PGP key.

Location: L4, Exhibition Hall 2, Level 0
DECT: 6506

There will also be a few talks about Replicant and related topics in several spots around the congress:

2 thoughts on “Replicant @ 36C3

  1. Sad I missed it. Very interesting topics, especially the webview issues (scary).

    I’m very much looking forward to replicant 9 on the pine phone. I wish it’s specs would be slightly better (main camera and emmc). Maybe there will be a pinephone pro some time. For now it’s a great candidate for testing or for my wife as replacement for her 2nd phone, a Nokia s40 or maybe even a daily driver for my dad.

    Keep up the great developments!

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