Coliberator 2016: keynotes and workshops

Replicant will take part in Coliberator, the free software conference organized by Fundația Ceata in Bucharest, Romania on June 4-5 2016. Fundația Ceata is the Romanian foundation for Free Software and Free Culture, that proposed to host both a keynote and a workshop about Replicant at Coliberator this year. The keynote will be a great opportunity to learn about freedom and privacy/security in mobile devices. The Replicant workshop will showcase devices running Replicant and will be the occasion to get help installing Replicant, verify the project’s release key or just come by and have a chat! The Tehnoetic team will also take part in the workshop, with Replicant devices available for sale and more!

Scheduling details are still being worked out by the organization team and will be available soon. Either way, note that a GNU Libreboot keynote and workshop will be held as well during Coliberator. This year’s edition of the conference will thus highlight freedom at the lower levels in various ways! Note that Coliberator is organized by the Ceata team from small individual donations, so any contribution to fund the conference is welcome!

As usual, we are looking forward to meeting you there!

6 thoughts on “Coliberator 2016: keynotes and workshops

  1. Hi, do you will think to replicant OS like linux distribution for a computer also ?
    Thanks for everything you do to a world with more free and peace !

  2. Paul is working on Replicant in his free time and IMO he is doing a great job as project maintainer. Replicant can’t afford paid staff for infrastructure, support, research and development, however Paul and few other volunteers take care of the infrastructure (website, forum, mailing list, wiki, bug tracker, git repository), support (all questions get answered), research (evaluating and porting Replicant on new devices) and development (bug fixing, patch reviewing, working on newer versions of Replicant).

    Paul also attends conferences explaining why Replicant is important, which are the freedom and privacy issues in mobile devices and how those are being handled by Replicant. He also mentions the project can use more contributors and donations.

    If you would like the Replicant project to run smoother, please consider helping as a volunteer or donating:

  3. Hey Paul! Haven’t seen you on the forums lately! Glad to see you’re still alive!

  4. It will be great to be able see later on offline video of these talks. If you will get any info please post it.

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