Shops selling devices pre-installed with Replicant

A few months ago, we were contacted to discuss the endorsement of an online shop selling mobile devices pre-installed with Replicant: Qibre Computer Hardware. While we’re very happy to see such initiatives being developed, we asked for some conditions to be met before endorsing the shop, especially conditions that have to do with informing final users:

  • Users should not be mislead into believing that the devices are fine for freedom and privacy/security. There are plenty of issues remaining, that are explained in general on the Freedom and privacy/security issues page of the website and in greater details on each device’s wiki page (when documented). Those are out of the scope of free software support in Replicant, but it is crucial to mention them when selling a full device. Linking to these resources is a fine way to ensure that customers have access to that information.
  • The devices should ship with the official version of Replicant, not a version that was built from source and signed with different keys. However, it is fine to pre-install free applications originating from F-Droid on top of the system, as long as users are made aware of it.

Qibre has now stopped its activity until further notice.

A few weeks ago, Tehnoetic started selling devices pre-installed with Replicant and was featured on the FSF’s Ethical Tech Giving Guide and FSFE’s Free Your Android campaign. At this point, the following devices can be bought pre-installed with Replicant from Tehnoetic:

Tehnoetic donates a part of the phone sales profits to Replicant and F-Droid projects. In December, Tehnoetic donated Replicant $101 USD.

Thus, buying devices actually helps Replicant move forward! Buying from these shops rather than third-party resellers also helps them secure money to get stocks of Replicant-supported devices in large quantities, so that it remains possible to buy them for a long time!

10 thoughts on “Shops selling devices pre-installed with Replicant

  1. Hi Paul,
    This is an awesome idea.
    Just wondering if you may be able to help.
    Do you have a version of Replicant that can replace the loaded version on a mini TV box?
    I use an android mini-x tv box, which I am really happy with. However I am incurring large amounts of unexpected data usage & costs due to it “updating” apps, which I either do not use or don’t want but seem to be required as part of the “google play store suite”. I have deleted everything I can, yet it still seems to eat through my data bundle.
    Does Replicant allow you to only add the apps you need or do you still have to have all the unnecessary Google apps that get shipped with the commercial units ?

  2. Will they work in Europe (Germany)? Also, such a shop located in Europe would be nice because there would be no import taxes.

  3. Hi Paul,

    I wish to built an app that serves as a SIP-GSM gateway.

    I need an application that runs on Replicant phones and can receive calls through SIP and forward it to the GSM network. The application should then forward the audio and convert from SIP to GSM and vice versa.

    I found that such projects not possible in Android . So in hope if its possible in Replicant.
    I could donate or pay 1000 – 2000 $.
    Waiting for your answer.

  4. Hello,

    Great idea! Any chance of a build for ViewPad10s?

    You might be able to adapt elements from ViewCOMB 3.2 build 7.1 (based on VegaCOMB, some reported USB issues with 7.2) or JellyPAD v2.0 (Android 4.1.1, based on VegaBEAN). Also, any specific process to do this from a purely Linux environment?

    Thank You

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