Upcoming events for Replicant in October/November 2015

Even though development on Replicant is still moving forward at a pretty slow pace, we believe it is crucial to spread the word about the project in order to encourage more people to get involved but also to teach people about the underlying problems for freedom and privacy/security on mobile devices.

During the next two months, Replicant will take part in various free software conferences and events in France. A talk about Replicant, freedom and privacy/security will be given at each event, sometimes with a workshop or some form of public discussion, such as participation in a round table.

Starting next week-end, Replicant will be at the following events:

Those talks will be opened by Benjamin Bayart, iconic figure in the French free software community and long time activist for electronic liberties and net neutrality.

We hope to see as many of you as possible, to help spread the word about Replicant, freedom and privacy/security on mobile devices! As usual, each event will be an occasion to verify the Replicant release key and get some help installing the system on your device! Donations are also welcome, as they make it possible for me to attend such events at all.

See you soon!

November update: Due to the recent attacks in Paris, Capitole du Libre was canceled and Bazar du Libre is taking place in Toulouse on November 21-22. The talk about Replicant was rescheduled in Mix’art Myrys, room 2 at 3:00 pm.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming events for Replicant in October/November 2015

  1. Thanks for all you do Paul ! I hope see you and other people like you to teach me, it’s difficult, alone front of computer.

    You are my Richard Stallman frenchy :D.

  2. We are trying to support hardware that is good for freedom. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of choosing in what price range such hardware exists. Community-produced hardware is also very expensive and there is no way around it until there is broader interest for these projects.

    Although Android is quite heavy, it is still manageable and the best shot at a free system that we have, in my opinion.

  3. I hope that you will address the fundamental problem that Android requires high-end hardware, but only the big corporations who continually disrespect consumer freedom and privacy have the resources to make that hardware. Therefore Android can never be the answer, and a less resource-hungry OS and user interface is required if there is to be any progress. Expensive hardware such as the GTA04 may be of some appeal to idle aristocrats, but they ironically do not need free software nor privacy.

  4. Hey! What about the progress of the compatibility of the LG Optimus Black? Thanks for all your hard work! =) Hope to came to the Capitole du libre!

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