Replicant 4.2 0004 images release

Even though things are moving slowly at Replicant, we figured it was time to release another batch of Replicant 4.2 images. This release doesn’t add support for any new device, but has a focus on security instead, thanks to an active member of the community: Moritz (also known as My Self on the forums). For months, Moritz has been evaluating whether Replicant is affected by various vulnerabilities, retrofitting patches to close those vulnerabilities and submitting these for inclusion in Replicant. Thanks to his great work, this release includes fixes for security issues such as the Stagefright vulnerability or the Installer Hijacking vulnerability.

Since the previous release, all the Replicant-specific source code was moved over to, that is gracefully hosted by the FSF. We are planning on moving all the Replicant source code over to that new server, so that we don’t have to rely on third parties such as CyanogenMod and AOSP to provide the full source code for Replicant. In the meantime, we have started tagging the commits used for each release and signing those tags with the Replicant release key, so that it’s possible to reliably retrieve the source code for a given Replicant release. Those tags are also combined in the release metadata’s git-tags.

For a complete list of changes, you can take a look at the changelog. Installation instructions are available for each device, as well as build guides.

You’re welcome to join-in and contribute code to Replicant! Resources to get started on development are available on the wiki, as well as a list of tasks to improve Replicant.

7 thoughts on “Replicant 4.2 0004 images release

  1. This is because your system does not include (and you did not install) the CaCert certificates, which are required to trust the SSL certificates we’re using.

  2. GianCarlo above query is most interesting and got no answer “unfortunately”.
    And if i try to get information from, chromium anf firefox browsers both block me to access ther site on account of their “care” for my ‘security’ — i’m so sick and tired of this type gangsteristic ‘justifications’ for preventing the spreading of freedom informations.

  3. Hi! Can you tell me, please, what recent devices have now Replicant OS preinstalled? Thank you and congratulations for your excellent work!
    Giancarlo – ITALY

  4. That’s pretty amazing you are still continuing to work on the project.
    Do you plan to add “flatr” as donation platform? Using it for some open source projects, very handy.

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