Replicant and friends at Chaos Communication Camp 2015

As advertised in the previous blog post, I’ll be at CCCamp 2015 to talk about Replicant (as well as other things that I’m working on, like porting Libreboot to the C201 Chromebook), starting tomorrow.

Formally, I’ll be giving a 45 minute long talk at the Neo village tent on Sunday, about Replicant, software freedom and privacy/security on mobile devices. In addition, I have asked to give a lightning talk to highlight the necessity to have more developers involved in Replicant on Saturday at 17:05. The project is still mostly a one-man-effort and this situation cannot ensure the growth the project deserves.

People from the Neo900 project will organize the Neo village, where I’ll have my tent at, next to Osmocom. As usual, you’re welcome to come and say hi (and possibly verify the Replicant release public key as well)! I may just as well hang around the Quadrature village, where they have a nice tea house set up!

Neo900 folks also plan on giving presentations, starting with a lightning talk about Neo900 on Friday and a full talk about the project on Saturday, at the BER village.

See you there! By the way, my GSM network at camp is 5198, feel free to send me a message if you require my presence!

Update: The talks have been added to the Conferences wiki page. Unfortunately, the longer talk on Sunday had to be interrupted because of the lightning storm and couldn’t be resumed later. The slides are however available and hold the main elements of the talk.

One thought on “Replicant and friends at Chaos Communication Camp 2015

  1. People, who can’t make it to the cccamp15, sadly could have realized, that the talks (about Neo900 & Replicant) are not going to be streamed.

    Anyhow, the Lightning Talks are available:

    The Neo900 (Lightning Talks – Day 2):
    (you have to click play, separately)

    liberating mobile devices (Lightning Talks – Day 3):
    (you have to click play, separately)

    PS: I’m a big fan of Libreboot, and wish you all the best for your C201 (Chromebook) port! (I’m raring to buy one)…

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