RMLL feedback, Optimus Black advancement and CCCamp

Two weeks ago, I took part in RMLL as advertised on the Replicant blog shortly before the event. This year again, it was a really nice event to be a part of. Lots of people showed interest for Replicant and some even came specifically to see my talks about the project: what a pleasant surprise! The videos of my talks are already available on the RMLL website and they were also added to the Conferences page of the Replicant wiki.

Back from the event, the development effort was focused on cleaning up the bits and pieces laying around for Optimus Black support in U-Boot, now that the merge window is open. A patch series was sent for review earlier today and despite being incomplete as of now, it will serve as a solid base for future additions. Some more work is indeed required to have all the necessary features supported, but those patches will be written in a non-upstreamable way for Replicant at first. The current status of those dirty patches allows booting CyanogenMod without too much trouble, except for the occasional random reboot and other oddities that still have to be sorted out before it can seriously be used for daily use.

Thus, with basic bootloader support out of the way, it’s time to start the Replicant port to the device. Communication with the modem will require some heavy work on Hayes-RIL, our implementation of the AT protocol radio interface layer, that is supposed to be more modern and robust than other implementations. Other fundamental parts required to have Replicant running with sufficient features to make the device useful should be less trouble.

In a month or so, the Chaos Communication Camp will take place in Germany, organized by the almost mythical Chaos Computer Club. Replicant is going to take part in the event, hopefully with a lightning talk and/or less formal self-organized events. The camp will be a great occasion to chat a bit about the current state of the art of software freedom on mobile devices, and more! Various other interesting projects will be there as well: members of the Neo900 project will hold the Neo village, where I’ll be likely to be found. As usual, I’ll also be available to verify the Replicant release key fingerprint, help newcomers install Replicant on their device and basically anything else that I can help with!

9 thoughts on “RMLL feedback, Optimus Black advancement and CCCamp

  1. Hello again, Paul.
    Thank you very much for your answer.
    Well, I know that the “Nexus One” uses a proprietary firmware for the microphones. But, I’ve looked for the “GTA04” model (that I know that is the best supported model by Replicant) and I could only find used models being sold at huge prices, that I simply cannot afford.
    As you say on this website (and, as I already knew) *every* smartphone and cellphone is always a horrible thing for privacy. And, that’s the reason why I had not used one for many years… But, because it’s a highly convenient tool nowadays… If I choose to use one (sometimes), I want it to be as free as possible. And, because I also want to use it as a GPS navigator, the “Nexus One” ends up being the best choice for me then.

  2. The Optimus Black is not likely to get GPS support anytime soon. However, note that the Nexus One is a terrible device both for freedom privacy/security. The GTA04 already has GPS support available, but the rest is still work in progress.

  3. Hello there, Paul.
    Do you think that (/know if) the “LG Optimus Black” will ever have Replicant support for the GPS?
    (Or, should I just keep my “Nexus One” – which is the only smartphone were I can have a GPS working with Replicant?)

  4. Merci pour votre réponse Paul ! J’espère acheter prochainement le Galaxy S2 en espérant qu’il soit encore mise à jour. Bon courage et bonne continuation c’est un travail super !

  5. Désolé pour le français et ce double post mais si possible avec double carte sim !

  6. Bonjour Paul, je souhaiterai installer replicant sur mon Wiko GOA est-ce possible ? si oui, pourriez vous orienter mes recherches et me donner de l’aide ? je n’y arrive malheureusement pas seul (je n’ai pu le root qu’avec une application chinoise douteuse et je n’arrive pas à installer un recovery custom.

    Sinon pouvez vous me conseiller un autre smartphone low cost (<100€) qui serait adapté (et avec si possible avec un suivi pour avoir les maj de replicant) ?

    Merci pour votre implication dans ce projet pour plus de libertés !

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