Replicant 4.0 0005 images release

Another couple of months passed by, bringing its share of improvements to Replicant 4.0, so we felt it was time to release a new batch of images. First thing’s first, let’s talk a bit about the fundraising program we launched thanks to the Free Software Foundation: it was a huge success! Over $20,000 were collected over the past two months, thanks to your help. We really didn’t expect that much money and it will greatly cover for our needs, which include buying new devices and covering for travel-related expenses, allowing us to attend events such as FOSDEM. On a sad note, we are more and more looking for new developers to get involved in the project: both GNUtoo and I are very busy and cannot contribute to the project as much as we’d like to, so things will keep moving a bit slowly, compared to what it used to be.

However, this new batch comes with a good share of improvements: the Galaxy Note (first generation, international GSM model) was added to the list of supported devices with this release (thanks to your financial support that enabled us to buy the device), which brings that list up to 10 devices. Camera support was added to the Galaxy S3 and other smaller improvements were made as well. As usual, you can checkout the complete changelog, download the images from the ReplicantImages page and find installation instructions as well as build guides on the Replicant wiki.

Since we received complaints about the Replicant installation process, all the guides were rewritten to be device-specific and include clear and step-by-step instructions, which should make it easier for everyone to install Replicant on their device. Moreover, the newly-launched forums and our mailing list make it possible to get help from our community, about the installation or anything else you want to talk about!

16 thoughts on “Replicant 4.0 0005 images release

  1. Please do not use the comments to ask such general-purpose questions. Rather, post your questions on our forums or mailing-list !

    Your device is not supported by Replicant and I am probably not going to port to it anytime soon, sorry. If you’re interested in contributing and porting the device, you’re welcome :)

  2. Hi!

    First of all, apologies for my poor english!

    I’m very interested in installing Replicant on my mobile phone to have a free operating system. The problem is that I don’t know if my cellphone is compatible or not…

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570I, which does not appear in your list of supported devices. Nor is anything about the Galaxy Mini on page TargetsEvaluation:

    In a previous review, PaulK commented that this device has a bad architecture, but that the terminal would most resembles a Nexus One:

    My question is: can I install Replicant on my device? Wich distribution do you recommend to me?

    Thanks for your work!


  3. The next model they should open support for is the ja panese
    version of the CA – 201 -L, Its finally a TRUE upgrade from the N 1

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  5. Hi Everybody!
    I’m very happy to see the Galaxy Tab 2 7″ (P3100) is supported by Replicant. You work harder to free our smartphone. Congratulation to all!
    A french supporter

  6. Yeah, it’s the same Samsung Service Mode that we’re talking about. I don’t know what it permits to do, but at least it’s implemented. I can’t tell how well it works, our code is just a pass-through anyway. It does display the menus for sure :)

    internal SMS to alert the user: basically SMS messages from a fake number “+012346789” that warn the user when the modem crashed (this happens on Nexus S). That way, people can reboot their phones if network doesn’t come back instead of missing incoming calls and messages.

  7. There is the GTA04, but work stalled on it on our side. You may be interested to read last month’s topic on our mailing list, that’ll answer some of your questions.

  8. Hello PaulK,

    Does “Common:
    * Samsung-RIL: Samsung Service mode support” refers to this feature ? :

    If it is the case, is it possible to allow only WCDMA frequencies like on cyanogenmod?

    Could you please develop this feature : “internal SMS to alert the user” what kind of alerts the user can get?

    Thanks in advance for the answers

  9. Hey guys,

    Great to see a project like this. A question about this work: Instead of reverse engineering commercial hardware, why not work on an open device? I’m not sure that any exist but perhaps effort could be focused on that front to create an open device, one with only open source drivers and run everything there.

  10. Hi
    Is Galaxy SII Plus a possible option for Replicant?
    It has a non-official CyanogenMod port but i don’t have much more technical knowledge.
    I just want to know if i can Port it with your porting guide or not.(What/How much knowlegde is requierd to be able to port it?)

  11. It is supported as the ReplicantStatus page describes (back working, front not working without a non-free firmware) as of this release. I know I updated the page before writing the post: I can’t do everything at once, so I usually update the relevant pages some days before everything is ready and I can write the announcement. Though the previous batch of images did *not* have Galaxy S3 camera support.

  12. What do you mean camera support was added to the Galaxy S3? Is it for the front camera or the rear camera? This page said that the front camera was supported before this post was created.

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