Announcing the Free Software Foundation fundraising program for Replicant

Over the last few years, we have been asked countless times how one could make a donation to the project. Until very recently, it was not at all possible but thanks to the hard work of the Free Software Foundation team, especially John Sullivan and Zak Rogoff, it is now possible for the FSF to accept donations on the behalf of the Replicant project.

Donations will help us buy new devices and port Replicant to them as well as help us attend free software events to promote Replicant at. Devices donations can be accepted as well but we carefully select the devices we want to work on, based on how much they respect freedom, so we might decline some offers.

You might want to consider making a donation to our project, any amount will help, from the FSF directed donations page for Replicant.
Bitcoin donations are also accepted, at the following address: 13tgjejUJ6NtQVX9HvKz8svdcuWPNwgr5T

We also badly need new developers to help us bring Replicant to more and more devices as well as improve the status of the currently-supported devices. As a group effort, Replicant has better chances to succeed and bring freedom to mobile phone users. We are currently a team of two developers with less and less time to get involved in the project and bring new features. Becoming a developer is not even that hard: we have developer and porting guides available to make it easier for you to get started and we’ll be there to guide you all along. Even non-technical people can help to some extent, covering tasks such as building up documentation or writing announcements for the project if they’re good enough at it.

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested. The best way to start is most likely to get a Replicant-supported device and start hacking on it and if you prove serious enough, we might even use some of the donations money to provide you with a new device to port Replicant to!

16 thoughts on “Announcing the Free Software Foundation fundraising program for Replicant

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  2. Hi! I work as a tester and technical writer for a tech company. I’m very interested in this project and I’d like to work with you. Please contact me through the email.

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  10. Kickstarter comes with some restrictions (I think you must be over 18 to use it, and there is a thing about being American IIRC) and we preferred to have the money managed by the FSF rather than a 3rd party we don’t know. I’m not saying Kickstarted would fundamentally have been a dead-end, but it’s better for all of us to go with the FSF.

  11. Obviously we mean free software as in free speech, not as in free bear. We are doing this as a hobby, not as an everyday job and we have no problem doing it for free. I think you should reevaluate the fact that not all of us have our actions dictated by a financial need, but rather do things because we believe it’s important, because we think it’s better done, regardless of what (financial) advantage that will bring us.

  12. If all software is free, there will be no programmers. Nobody wants to work for free. Why would anyone be a developer if they don’t get paid.

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