Replicant 4.0 0003 images release

It has been two months since the last images release and we decided that it was time to release another batch of images. These are still based on Android 4.0. First, it comes with support for the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 & 7.0 tablets, both in GSM/3G versions: these tablets are pretty much phones with bigger screens. There is still room for improvement regarding these tablets in Replicant, but they have reached a state of usability, even though they are particularly slow in portrait mode.

Other minor fixes for other devices are included in this release, especially stability fixes regarding the Radio Interface Layer. The full changelog is available for more details.

We are now working to bring Replicant support to other devices such as the Goldelico GTA04.

You can download the images from the ReplicantImages page and find installation instructions as well as build guides on the Replicant wiki.

15 thoughts on “Replicant 4.0 0003 images release

  1. Ok that’s interesting. We shoudl ask them whether they are interested in reversing the whole firmware.

  2. “One of the challenges was the fact that we only had part of the firmware and were missing the chip’s ROM. To overcome this, we exploited the firmware loading mechanism and extracted the ROM segment of the chip (the protected memory region).”

  3. Ok, but it seems they did something to the chipset firmware, it could be interesting to contact them.

    “Using our debugging engine and a lot of reverse engineering we managed to enable both monitor mode as well as packet injection on any mobile device based on the Broadcomchipset (Galaxy S1/2/3, Nexus S, and many others).”

  4. The bcm4329 and bcm4330 wifi chips already have free software drivers in the Linux kernels that the manufacturers provide. The firmware running inside the chip is still non-free. Bottomline: nothing has changed.

  5. I agree with the “bit of an overkill feeling” for mobiles but I think it could be a good solution for tablets.
    GTA04 could be a solution but it lacks audiophile grade sound quality, oled display and it is not as cheap as a galaxy S / nexus S.

  6. > I don’t know if the whole firmware is free software but even if it isn’t the case it doesn’t contain any GPS or microphone and it should not be able to control or modify things on the mobile.

    I bet the firmware is nonfree. The advantage would be to not have a device capable of spying on the device, but it’s a bit of an overkill. Looking out for phones without any possibility to spy, such as the Goldelico GTA04, seems more convenient.

  7. I just installed the last images and it works nicely on my device. If the Replicant logo is shown, then it goes up to mounting the partitions, which is a good sign. There is no reason why it wouldn’t find the sh bin. Check your partitions’ health!

  8. What do you think about the possibility to share the internet connection from a device like this :

    I don’t know if the whole firmware is free software but even if it isn’t the case it doesn’t contain any GPS or microphone ( and it should not be able to control or modify things on the mobile.

    If there was a way to share the connection from this device directly via usb to a nexus S or a galaxy S for instance, using airplane mode and without any SIM card in it the two problems exposed at 2:35 on the RMS video should be avoided :

    The huawei device supports SMS so it should be possible to make an interface between the devices in order to use SMS on the phone and why not adapt something like TextSecure.

    For voice calls, only VoIP should work.

  9. Hi paulk,i flashed this on my Galaxy S2 i9100(coming from CM10.1) and it doesn’t boot!stuck at the red replicant droid logo!
    logcat says “- exec ‘/system/bin/sh’ failed: No such file or directory (2) -”

    but wiped data and flashed the image(s) properly,what could be the problem?

  10. Fuck, j’ai regardé la vidéo de France3, j’ai pas capté au début mais c’est toi Paul alors lol

    Bonne continuation et courage, il faut de toute urgence qu’android devienne libre !!

  11. Thanks a lot for the link to the video! It’s too bad we don’t clearly see the Replicant shirt I was wearing for the occasion. Also, they took the least interesting part of the interview, which was me answering the question “Was meeting RMS a dream for you?”. Of course, I couldn’t say anything but yes, even though it’s not really the most relevant message I would have liked to see broadcasted on television. Moreover there is a factual mistake: I didn’t develop my first free software operating system when I was 12, I just installed one for the first time at 12.

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