Replicant 4.0 0002 images release

Since some progress was made lately, we decided to release a new set of images.

The new features available in this release are mostly camera support for the Galaxy S2, accelerometers support for the Nexus S and Galaxy S2 and RIL (telephony) improvements for all devices. A more detailed changelog is also available.

We are working to bring Replicant 4.0 support to more devices, such as the Goldelico GTA04 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (both 7.0 and 10.1 GSM versions).

You can download the images from the ReplicantImages page and find installation instructions as well as build guides on the Replicant wiki.

7 thoughts on “Replicant 4.0 0002 images release

  1. Galaxy Nexus support started with 4.0 and we’re not going to backport it to 2.3 (that’s out of the scope of our project). Moreover, we are now focusing on 4.0, so we won’t bring new features to 2.3 (that would be too much work).

  2. p.s. in your wiki page for good potential target, you stated MSM/QSD phone are bad due to the modem control things. Does those Nexus 4/Xperia Z with APQ8064 chipset suffered from sane problem? And in that page, you mentioned Tegra are bad targets as they lack NEON, but it seemed that Tegra 3/4i/4 had already included NEON. So would things be better for devices like Nexus 7/HTC one X? and how about those Intel/Ingenic/AllWinner/MediaTek/ST-Ericsson/Rockchip/AMLogic/HiSilicon/Marvell/Boardcom/etc. chips, would any of these be easier to be ported into?

  3. would it be possible to have a 2.3 version of replicant for galaxy nexus, so people who like old OS can have the taste of 2.3 on newer hardware?

  4. I’ve installed this image on my Nexus S and it has made a ton of difference in battery life and GSM data performance. The changes made for the modem seem to be doing a pretty nice job. No crashes or restarts so far. If you’re on a Nexus S I’d highly recommend going to this. Nice job guys!

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