Replicant 2.3 0004 images release

Even though we didn’t update the homepage for a long time, we are still actively working!
Lately, a big part of the work was focused on adding support for the upcoming Goldelico GTA04. We strongly encourage the use of the GTA04 since it features nearly-zero known freedom issues (the only exception being that the WiFi chip needs a loaded firmware). Porting Replicant to the GTA04 helps making the device more usable for everyone, thanks to the Android user experience.

Not so much changes were added for other devices, though Samsung devices now have stable data (3G/GPRS, etc). We are also working to reach a state of completeness on these devices. On the other hand, we are also starting the port to Replicant 4.0, based on CyanogenMod 9, introducing newly-supported devices such as the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus.

Regarding the new Replicant 2.3 0004 images, you can download them from the ReplicantImages page, find installation instructions as well as build guides on the Replicant wiki.

13 thoughts on “Replicant 2.3 0004 images release

  1. I had always been looking forward to using my Freerunner GTA02. Unfortunately it has sat on the shelf for years because the software for it just wasn’t ready and I don’t have time to build from source and spend hours with cables, reboots, and incomplete documentation with incomplete user interfaces. It is too bad because I lost $400 on it and it isn’t usable. I want to support libre culture, but I still need to make calls and use text messages but the device was never practical. Now I see that there is an OS that is mature and usable, but that I need to drop nearly $800 dollars to buy a replacement board for one that is currently working fine and rendered obsolete before it was ever even used. I don’t think there is a normal mobile phone anywhere in the world that costs that much.

  2. Well, we don’t really need money currently, since both of the devs have enough devices to work on at the moment. Maybe in the future we’ll start a request for money in order to get newer devices to port on. Thanks a lot though!

  3. Also, is there a way to donate to this project? I lack any coding skills, so fiscal support would be the main means to help.

  4. We currently don’t support this device, so Replicant won’t work on it unless someone does some work to add the support.

  5. We are not going to port the GTA02 to Repicant 2.3. Though it might be doable to port it to Replicant 2.2 (it would be slow though). Unfortunately, we lack time to start such a port, but if you’re willing to give it a try, you’re welcome!

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