Galaxy S support is upcoming

Back when we were just getting started with Nexus S, a lot of people asked us to add support for Galaxy S, which is a very popular Samsung device running Android. It was quite hard to handle porting multiple devices at the same time. Though, now, a lot of work for Nexus S is over: we fixed graphics to make it usable, we wrote software to support the accelerometer chip, fixed camera (there is still work to do there) and, improved the very first fully free and usable implementation of the Samsung IPC modem protocol in order to successfully place calls, send text messages and connect to data via 3G (among other things we implemented). That was a lot of work and by now, many of us are using Nexus S as a stable daily-phone.

So, what’s the good news for Galaxy S owners? Well, most of the work we’ve done for Nexus S works as well on Galaxy S! Of course, there are still low-level adjustments to make to have it working as well, but it’s doable. A few weeks ago, I bought a Galaxy S device and slowly started the work. I was able to get the following features to work: graphics (as good as Nexus S), sound, calls, SMS, FM radio and accelerometers. The main problem I faced is installation: flashing the images via heimdall doesn’t work but it goes fine with CWM recovery, with all the correct image formats.

I think we will be able to release a new set of images for Nexus S, Galaxy S and Nexus One (hopefully with fixed data) and then, it’ll be time to start the work on GTA04 the amazing new replacement for the GTA02/Neo Freerunner board. Having Replicant running on GTA04 is the goal we’ll try to reach as hard as possible. We encourage you to help the GTA04 project with donations to fund the effort or by subscribing to the group tour to get your device at a lower price.