Wiki and tracker are now powered by Redmine

Replicant web services are kindly hosted by the Oregon State University Open Source Lab.
Recently, they asked us to consider switching from trac, which was powering our wiki and tracker, to redmine, another engine providing the same services. The reason is that redmine is easier to manage for them than trac. As a result, a few weeks ago, Replicant devs agreed and we started the migration process.

Bug reports, wiki pages and user accounts were migrated successfully, but it wasn’t be the case of the users passwords, which are in a different format from trac to redmine. As a result, if you had an account on trac and want to be able to use it on redmine, you’ll have to leave a mail at: in order to let us know and reset your password so that you can set the password you want.

From now on, use the following addresses: