New Replicant 2.2 preview images (0009) released

New Replicant 2.2 images are now ready and available to download. This new set of images (0009) is available for the following devices:

  • HTC Dream/Magic
  • Nexus One

This new release features the following:

  • Switched to the Android launcher on HTC Dream/Magic (should be faster)
  • We have a newer RIL that should fix some issues on HTC Dream/Magic/Nexus One
  • We added 2 wallpapers that Jan-Christoph Borchardt submitted (thanks a lot!)

Note that Replicant 2.3 images for Nexus One and Nexus S are on their way (you can already build Replicant 2.3 images if you want)!

We are still looking forward Hackers to help us bring some more freedom to the mobile word: there are many ways to contribute to the project!