Introducing Replicant on HTC Dream video

A video showing Replicant running has been asked several times since now. We thought it would be a really a nice idea to make such a video available. The video is ready now and it shows the HTC Dream running a Replicant 2.2 pre-0009 preview image, featuring various aspects of the system (booting, Android User Interface, incoming and outgoing calls with the free RIL, Android apps, USB Networking, FDroid and GPS among other things).

This video itself is available under the Creative Commons BY-SA license, but other licenses may apply to the audio tracks (see on the video).

The audio doesn’t include any voice comment but the video comes along with subtitles that could easily be translated. The video is available in the free WebM video format on a 360p resolution, both with subtitles hardcoded (for English only) or with subtitles on a separate file.

See the video online (embedded player with subtitles):

Download the video:

Download subtitles:

The video is now subtitles in many languages, thanks to the translators!

Happy Software Freedom Day and happy mobile hacking!