Replicant 2.2 preview 008 is out!

We are pleased to announced Replicant 2.2 preview 008.

What’s new in this version (since 0007):

  • Bug #22 ( should (hopefully) be ¬†fixed
  • Data is disabled by default
  • Non-market apps are allowed by default
  • *FDroid, the free software market app is installed by default
  • CMWallpapers, CMStats and CMUpdateNotify are not installed anymore
  • Replicant has its own wallpapers and a Wallpaper selection app
  • There are Replicant boot splashes for all devices (including Dream)
  • There is a changelog for Replicant on the system
  • Switched to replicant vendor (Mod version is now Replicant)


As usual we would like to thank everybody involved. We are looking for new maintainers and hackers to join us and bring innovation in the libre mobile world.

Help us testing this new preview release on your favourite device and come to say hi on our irc channel

Happy mobile hacking.