Replicant 2.2 SDK available

Thanks to the huge amount of work by paulk (Paul Kocialkowski) we now have an SDK.
It should be functional enough to write android applications for Replicant 2.2 or any other Android 2.2 device.

As usual the main difference compared to the Android SDK is that Replicant¬†SDK should be fully free software. (Android SDK includes proprietary API like Google maps but we don’t want proprietary Google maps at all).

The Replicant SDK also includes an emulator like the Android one to allow developers to write their apps even without having a phone.

Please download the Replicant 2.2 SDK and help us building a better libre Replicant.

We wait for your suggestions and comments.

Again thanks a lot to paulk for the great work.

3 thoughts on “Replicant 2.2 SDK available

  1. Can you build a Haiku version? I’d love to do my Android development on it.

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